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How do you sell a home for the highest price in today's market?

You may get a variety of answers from different salespersons; but one could argue that, for years, many properties sold themselves.

Until recently, Toronto and the surrounding area was subject to the most active seller’s markets it has ever seen – volume increased, prices skyrocketed and the average time on market decreased significantly. Toronto attracted internationally renowned investors and developers. Preconstruction sales boomed, and many analysts predicted that Toronto was becoming the “next New York City” with respect to prices.

At the peak of this frenzy, many listing salespersons would simply list a property competitively on the Multiple Listing Service system, and prospective buyers would flock to see it. The listing salesperson would host an “offer presentation date” and dozens of offers would pour in, not even a week from the date of initial listing. Don’t get us wrong; this was definitely not the case for every property, but it became so prevalent that our clients were oftentimes suggesting we use this strategy to sell their homes.

Things are a little different today. The global pandemic has decreased the absolute demand for real estate, which has been stimulated by lower interest rates and fiscal spending. Offer dates are still a thing, but properties are spending more and more time on the market. Prices are also increasing less dramatically. With economic questions surrounding the state of the market upon recovery. Will there be excessive inflation? How long will it take for employment to return to normal?

Given these circumstances, sales representatives and brokers must be on their best game in order to successfully sell properties. We must move back to the fundamentals of marketing.

Exposure! Exposure! Exposure!

Showings translate into offers. Our data shows us that the more appointments that are booked for your property, the higher the chances are of receiving an offer. In order to get showings, your property needs to be featured in its best possible light and must be advertised through the greatest number of channels; taking into account your target market, of course.

The sales approach developed by Red House Realty stresses these two concepts. We employ a suite of leading edge digital media, all the while presenting your property through the best marketing outlets available to us to achieve the aim of maximizing exposures.

But it all starts with a plan. No two properties are the same, and the uniqueness of each property requires that elements of our approach are tailored to specific needs. To learn more about the Red House Realty approach and to receive a custom marketing plan to sell your home, reach out, and meet us for a coffee.

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