Meet Steven Nguyen



Meet Steven

Sales Representative

Steven Nguyen was raised in Etobicoke, Ontario. He is currently a candidate of the Business Management program at Ryerson University and is working toward a Bachelor of Commerce. Steven was inspired by how hard-working his family is. He recalls working alongside his mother, at her family-owned dry cleaning business. He uses her as a role model, and hopes to be as successful in business as she is.

Business has always been in Mr. Nguyen's blood. His parents immigrated from Vietnam to Canada in the 1990's. From rags-to-riches, they build an empire with resilience, strength, courage and dedication. Steven holds these traits near his heart. In his youth, Mr. Nguyen wanted to become a pilot. Due to his shy and timid personality as a child, his family believed that he would assume a role that avoided interpersonal interaction. As his love for aviation diminished, and he began to come out of his shell, he developed a love for real estate.

Today, Mr. Nguyen actively invests in real estate, and is planning to open a variety of businesses that complement his strong entrepreneurial spirit. Mr. Nguyen acknowledges that a corporate job is not for him. He craves adventure, diversity, likes to try new things and, most importantly, values his freedom.

He knows that real estate is such an important part of people's lives. Steven mentions: "Your home should be the place to relax and unwind, your sanctuary to replenish and rejuvenate. This is one of the biggest chapters in your life, and it is an honour for me to help and guide you through every step of the way."

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