Meet Danis Djebbari



Meet Danis

Sales Representative

Danis Djebbari was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. From an young age, Mr. Djebbari developed an obsession with understanding the way things work.

His early interests sparked a career in engineering and mechanics. He sought employment in a field complimentary to his interests.  His career took him out west, where he would spend time working in both Fort McMurray, Alberta and Edmonton, Alberta. It was there that he witnessed the sinews of real estate economics. He witnessed house prices responding the the success of the oil and mining industries. It was in his experience working in Alberta that Mr. Djebbari developed an interest in real estate and determined that he would pursue a career in real estate sales. He traded the work gloves for a briefcase and returned to Toronto, Ontario.

Mr. Djebbari currently practices in the area of residential resale and leasing. His appreciation for knowledge and friendly demeanour make him an approachable advisor to his numerous clients.

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