Meet Amrit Dhaliwal



Meet Amrit

Sales Representative

Amrit Dhaliwal was raised in Brampton, Ontario. Ms. Dhaliwal completed a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario; having specialized in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Upon graduating from university, Ms. Dhaliwal worked as a Media Strategist for OMD Canada, one of the largest media agencies in the world. She was responsible for producing advertisements and tracking marketing performance for companies such as Nissan Canada. The people-focused corporate culture of this firm inspired Ms. Dhaliwal to pursue employment in a field that married her interest in marketing with her interpersonal skills and propensity toward entrepreneurship.

Ms. Dhaliwal currently practices residential freehold and condominium resale. She contends that her propensity to acquire knowledge helps her deliver the best service she can to clients. 



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