Meet Alexa Viana



Meet Alexa

Sales Representative

Alexa Viana was raised in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Ms. Viana completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from York University in Toronto, Ontario.

Ms. Viana Upon graduating from university Ms. Viana pursued employment in the transaction administration department for a real estate brokerage wanted to get involved in a field that has a positively impacts the lives of others. Ms. Viana has always pursued employment in services, where she has been able to actualize her interpersonal skills. Her interest in real estate was cultivated while working in the administrative department of a prominent real estate brokerage.

The personal philosophy of Ms. Viana is rooted in empowering others and creating a positive perspective of life circumstances. Throughout the years, she has gained experience in interacting with diverse populations, which has given her in-depth understanding and awareness of differences in both individuals and organizations. Ms. Viana holds that a career in real estate sales perfectly suits her genuine and nurturing nature, as well as her professionalism and ambition. Ms. Viana practices in the field of residential condominium and freehold resale.

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