Meet Mark Boileau



Meet Mark

Director, Talent Acquisition & Strategy

Mark Boileau was raised in Montreal, Quebec. At an early age he recognized that he was skilled working with others and developed an appreciation for team work. He took interest in human resources, particularly in the relationships between employees and employers. He worked on the human resources and recruitment teams of numerous organizations, and lead the recruitment division of a prominent utilities firm headquartered in Toronto.

Mr. Boileau was responsible for matching talents in a variety of fields, including: medical practices, industrial roles, information technology, office positions and retail. Mr. Boileau developed a reputation for his strong commitment to ensuring the needs of others are understood, respected and met to the highest degree possible and in the most expeditious manner. He eventually embraced his entrepreneurial spirit and founded Clover Recruiting, an independent head hunting firm that attracts talents for large and small corporations alike.

Upon moving to Toronto, Ontario, Mr. Boileau was amazed at the booming real estate market, and began to investigate. The rewarding career outlooks promised by the field inspired his interest. At Red House Realty, Mr. Boileau is responsible for leading the talent acquisiton team and implementing its recruitment strategy. Mr. Boileau is currently enrolled in the Pre-Registration Segment of the real estate education program at the Ontario Real Estate Association College.

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